Milk Has Just Got Even More Disgusting
Tuesday, May 19, 2015 by: Cedric Cedarwood, Environmental Activist

Many health conscious people are fully aware of the gross and repulsive genetic manipulation processes to forcibly produce lactating cows year after year so that milk yields are at productively high levels for dairy farming. Cows are artificially inseminated and kept within closed encounters for up to 6 months at a time, whilst their new born calves are being processed into cheap cuts of meat.

Milk has been proven to contain high levels of liquor puris (pus) and antibiotics. Consuming these antibiotics is a major health risk and detrimental to human digestive health and wellbeing, with links to Asthma and chronic chest infections and a torrent of digestive disorders.

A shocking report by Doctor Collingston of the University lab of Arkvard [Texas] has found something even stranger and more alarming being added to our milk, this is known as Crop milk! Regurgitated from pigeons and doves and then spewed in to our food chain in milk factories across the west.

Statistics show that 35 percent of supermarket own branded milk has crop milk regurgitated from birds such as pigeons and doves added to cheap milk productions across the country.

Crop milk bears little resemblance to mammalian milk.  It is extremely high in protein and fat, containing higher levels than cow or human milk. It has also been shown to contain anti-oxidants and immune-enhancing factors.  Like mammalian milk, crop milk contains IgA antibodies.

Doctor Collingston has been investigating the use of crop milk and why the milk farming industry has incorporated this into our demand for cow’s milk. “We have gained a recent amount of evidence to analyse from over 600 farms using this technique. From our understanding, the Crop milk is a cheap source of nutrients that are alleviating the cow’s pressure to produce such large amounts of milk”. He also said “the amount of antibiotics used for lactating cows has been dramatically declining since the addition of Crop milk to the food supply”.

So what is this really doing to our health?

Research has shown a possible link to avian influenza, and intense hay fever symptom’s, leaky nose disease, nose bubbles, mucus and throat infections and well as possible development of high intensity squawking. Children under 5 are potentially at risk of developing small downy tufts all over the body.

Some people have reported strange issues with digesting food. New and expectant mothers have been regurgitating their dinners, being unable to control the process.

Many more reasons to address why the human population drinks the milk of other animals!