Juice Bar
Destructive Mindfulness Raves in Juice Bars – A Cause for Concern
Friday, May 06, 2016 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

On a summer’s day in London, England, and unusually hot for the month of May, what could be refreshing than a nice shot of cold Juice? Blended fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices that have been put together to produce a unique flavour.  The weekly Juice Crawl is a way people can meet with fellow Ravers to talk Juice and compare badges before going onto a Mindfulness Rave.

Taking a shot of a putrid green, foul-smelling liquid called ‘Zing-A-Ping’ from a small, plastic cup: “Kinda makes my dandruff drop to the ends of my Hair”, says Ismo, a 27-year-old hipster whose jacket is adorned with various badges collected from his Juice travels.

Knocking back another shot, “It’s totally way up there, man.”

The popular ‘Zing-A-Ping’ has the essence of Orange blended with Curry Powder, Cayenne, Ginger and Kale marinated in Olive Oil and served with Ice to produce a mix of goodness that hits the spot. Another favourite is the Bananadrama smoothie, an interesting blend of Banana, Avocado, Paprika and decorated with chopped, green Chillies.

‘Mindfulness is about observing one’s thoughts and feelings while ‘living in the now’ and getting in touch with our body. Connecting with our senses like taste and smell while focusing on little noises helps us deal with the stresses of life.’ A Random Dude from The Green & Murk Juice Bar

As the build-up to my 1st rave continued, I met with another Juicer: After another shot of Extract of Brussel Sprout, Sheeza is buzzing, as she orders our 3rd Brussel Sprout Blast topped with a Cashew Nut: “Look at all my badges, these are all the smoothies I have tried. Are you looking forward to your first Mindfulness Rave tonight?”

Thankfully, my sanity made a sprint for the nearest door and onto the street to find a shop doorway to hide, as I was reluctantly steered to my first Juice-fuelled Rave. Sitting in silence with 20 Juice Ravers, I noticed my body and mind were in agreement; drinking the 3rd Brussel Sprout Blast and finishing with the 2 Melon Mango Madness shots, was not a good idea. Becoming aware of the smells and the little noises around me, I’m ‘living in the now’ as I notice the Air- Con isn’t working and the windows are closed.

Yep, I’m done here now.

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