Death by syringe!
Depopulation Test Run? 100% Of All People Given Vaccines Die
Monday, Jun 08, 2015 by: Adam Michaels, The Health Deranger

Despite the nefarious attempts of the corporate controlled media to censor stories about the deadly effects over time that vaccines help promote, the truth keeps emerging.  The latest studies done by Natural Newd have concluded that 100% of all people administered a vaccine will succumb to the icy grip of death within 110 years!  What's especially alarming is that even those people sensible enough to shun the toxic sludge being foisted upon their children by the evil Big Pharma sponsored doctors of death have also eventually died (quite often even sooner that their vaccinated counterparts!), almost certainly due to being surrounded by too many people carrying a deadly cocktail of killer chemicals!

Test run for depopulation?

Is this an attempt by the shadowy secret government known as the New World Order to try and cull the human race?  The Illuminati has long realised that there is no need to resort to all the tiresome logistics involved in genocide like the Nazis in World War II had to endure, involving shipping people to centralised killing factories, mass graves and prisoner tracking via IBM computer technology.  As the vaccine arm of the NWO has now come to realise, it's much easier to kill people when they voluntarily comply with being injected, and it won't be long until they have managed to get the long duration effect of the their killer cocktails down to something less than a good lifetime.