Have Chemtrails Sent Alex Jones Over The Edge?
Thursday, Apr 21, 2016 by: Ben J. Johnson, Staff Writer

Alex Jones, famous motor mouth whose website InfoWars is a key outlet for conspiracy theories such as the NWO, 9-11 being an inside job and other "false flags" and of course ChemTrails, the supposed conspiracy by the New World Order to either dumb down the population, or control the weather, or control the population levels or some combination depending on who you believe, may well have been sent mad by ChemTrails!

In light of the recent death of The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, Jones has posited that Prince was purposefully killed with some new mysterious illness deployed by Chemtrails because he had spoken out about them during a late night talk show on PBS in January of 2004.  Of course Jones doesn't question why the NWO took 12 years to bump off the diminutive pop god, let alone how they managed to single out Prince alone with a wide dispersal technique such as ChemTrails because that would require some critical thinking!

Is it possible that this same technology that supposedly killed Prince was in fact used as a method to send Jones completely bonkers?  Or maybe Jones is just a charlatan selling fear to slow witted people incapable of forming coherent thoughts?  We will get to the bottom of the story and report back as soon as we have the answers.