Don't confuse waste disposal with the Illuminati
Retrofitted 3-pipe Aerosol Delivery System Explained
Saturday, May 30, 2015 by: Barry Hummus, Uropathist and Scatologist

Once again chemtrail fury is igniting the internets. For good reason too, who the hell wants the secret elite to be spraying us and themselves with expensive chemicals that modify the weather and control our feeble minds. On top of that the money spent paying off the thousands of engineers and hundreds of thousands of aircraft technicians to keep their mouths shut would be better spent on hospitals and new schools.

Recently, photographs have been surfacing from sources on the Internet who would never make anything up or indeed ever publish any "facts" that they did not agree with. The photo's depict retro fitted chemtrail dumping devices on Airbus jets. These pipes apparently connect directly to aerosol tanks filled with deadly fluids which the NWO happily sprays on us all day long.

The "official line" of course is that these pipes have absolutely nothing to do with chemtrails and were never retro fitted. Apparently they are part of the air crafts's actual design and are actually a part of the engine called a waste pylon. Why on earth would a jet engine need any type of exhaust to dispel waste gas and fuel? Don't ask me. I am not an engineer, like many other chemtrail fanatics I failed badly at school and have self educated myself on the subject. I believe what I want to believe and would never do something as stupid as read a schematic or learn about the physics of condensation. I prefer to see a picture of something I don't understand and not bother to find out what it actually is. In this case some exhaust pipes on a plane are easier to interpret as evil chemtrail spreading filth sprayers. I could just head over to and look at the schematics that someone who knows what they are talking about posted. Or head over to and do a quick search. I won't. I am a man of my own making and I believe they are chemtrail dispensers.