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Chakra Vibration with Crystals
Friday, Jul 03, 2015 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

Humans are blessed with seven Chakras that are situated around the body. A mass of energy that spirals within our etheric body, which no one can see or feel; we are told they do exist. Every day these Chakras work tirelessly, whizzing around in circles and drawing energy to its invisible centre. The unseen swirling masses known as Chakras move outward transmitting life force to the whole body.

The swirling energy masses are located along the spinal column and the head. Sometimes the swirling Chakras become unbalanced, leading to ill health and feeling sh*tty every day. Aches and pains with everyday gripes, makes you a pain in the a**e to those around you. This means one of your Chakras is on the blink. The swirling has stopped ground to a halt; leaving you with a useless mass of nothing. There is nothing worse than a chakra that isn’t pulling its weight. Thankfully, we now have stones or also known as crystals to place upon our chakras to restore harmonious balance.

Today, I will be concentrating on the Heart Chakra that is associated with the centre of the chest and is located between the higher and lower Chakras. Conditions such as indigestion and breathing problems mean you have a buggered Chakra within the chest. We have stones to help you live again, be at one with nature and blow you into the cosmos.

Green Moldavite and Green Heredite Stones
Powerful stones that vibrate once placed on your Heart Chakra; at first, you will experience a slight tingling and indigestion will improve. If you are new to the world of stones and crystals, begin with green Moldavite and Green Heredite; increase the intensity with Pink Danburite and Petalite, for an interesting cocktail and maximum vibration.
Positioning the Stones
It is important to place the vibrating stones for increased comfort. Place the pink and green stones covering your chest, stomach then down to your thighs, this will help radiate the strong vibrations throughout your body and blow your chakras into orbit.
Chakra Vibration - The Benefits
The powerful vibrating stones covering your chakras, you will notice your breathing becoming faster and deeper. A great exercise for your lungs, leading to a larger lung capacity and improved lung function. Indigestion will be a distant memory

If your don't have any crystals available to hand, don't worry:  you can also use any piece of plastic that looks vaguely like it could be a crystal.