Bill Gates
Bill Gates To Blame For Everything
Monday, Jun 29, 2015 by: Adam Michaels, The Health Deranger

Bill Gates is to blame for everything that is going wrong in the world.  After creating the MS-DOS operating system in 1981, everything has been going wrong since and there is no-one else to pin the blame on other than the evil genius that is William Henry "Bill" Gates III.  First up was the discovery of AIDS in that very same year.  Following the release of the first Windows for MS-DOS in November 1985 was the NASA Challenger disaster which occurred a mere 2 months after Gates unleashed that abomination on the world.  A coincidence?  We think not!  Then came Windows 3.1, one of the first versions of Windows that many will remember, which hit the stores in March of 1992 and within a year the first attempt to blow up the WTC Twin Towers by Islamic Terrorists was made!  That was followed by the infamous Windows 95 which although Gates paid off the NTSB to say otherwise was directly responsible for the Fox River Grove bus–train collision, which claimed the lives of 7 children.  After Windows XP was released to PC manufacturers in August of 2001, it took less than 3 weeks before the Islamic Terrorists led by Osama Bin Laden were finally successful in destroying not only the WTC Towers, but even though it was not directly hit, WTC 7 also was demolished, we suspect due to it's internal building systems running on Microsoft operating systems.  Next in the list of horrific Operating Systems unleashed on the world by Gates was Windows Vista, so reviled by computer users that it led to an outbreak of Foot & Mouth Disease in the United Kingdom.  In January of 2009 a beta version of Windows 7 was leaked onto the web and brought about the swine-flu pandemic which is estimated to have killed 12000 Americans.  Windows 8's release towards the end of 2012 took some time to cause problems, but it is believed that the Boston Marathon Bomber was so incensed by the experience of using Windows 8 on a desktop that he engaged in said terrorism under the guise of Islamist extremism for cover.

What's next?

With only one month remaining on the countdown timer of destruction before Windows 10 is released to the public, what manner of death and destruction will accompany it?  Are we as some conspiracy nuts believe about to experience a Blue Screen Of Death moment for society?  Does an analogy between computer operating systems and society even make any sense?  It's our belief that the sooner everyone starts using GNU software and Linux based operating systems the sooner Windows can be put to rest and the unsuspecting public might finally get some respite from Bill Gates evil reign of tyranny!