Yellow Tamborine
Eggplant Water Gave Me an Obsession with the Colour Yellow and Tambourines
Friday, Dec 04, 2015 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

Recent claims have suggested drinking Eggplant Water can have incredible effects on the mind and body within two days. With its Brain boosting powers, it’s also evident Eggplant water: Aids weight loss, lowers cholesterol, reduces bloating and helps to master the Patagonian Nose Flute.

I decided to put myself through a week of healthy eating and drinking Eggplant Water to see if I could reap the health benefits associated with this concoction. After reading all the positive reasons that Eggplant Water, has to offer; I purchased a nearly new, Patagonian Nose flute from an online site. I also began a journal to record my thoughts and experiences as and when they happened during the 7-day period. The results were startling... and a little weird.

Day 1 - Armed with my Eggplant and nearly new Patagonian Nose flute, I am enthusiastic with the thought of a new me within just 7 days.

Day 2 - What does nearly new mean? ... My mind is starting to become active; it must be the Brain boosting effects. How can something be nearly new?

Day 3 - The Aubergine Water is working its magic; starting to say Aubergine instead of Eggplant. The colour yellow is very pleasant. I wonder why this particular colour is having powerful influence on me.

Day 4 - After Purchasing a Tambourine, I enrolled in Tambourine classes for beginners. After one lesson, my Tambourine Teacher is impressed with my talent. Yellow is my favourite colour.

Day 4 - Lost all perception of time; drinking Aubergine Water can make each day seem the same. I purchased a Tambourine. Now eager to expand my musical abilities, if I can play the Tambourine with ease; I can certainly challenge myself further with the Triangle.

Day 5 - Two Tambourines later and finishing another bowl of Salad followed with a delicious glass of Aubergine Water, I visited the empty, local book store and purchased 2 Identical instruction manuals ‘How To Get The Best From Your Tambourine’ by various Tambourine Artists and ‘Learn to Play the Triangle for Maximum Impact’ by Shea O Ting. Tambourines and Aubergines are ok but felt as though I could do with a change. Redecorated my flat with the colour Yellow.

Day 6 - After just one-week eating salad and reaching the maximum Aubergine Water dose, I lost a staggering 2 kilos in weight and became a Tambourine and Triangle Technician. It’s changed my life. As for my nearly new Patagonian Nose Flute, I sold it online... Almost Nearly New.

Sadly, my healthy eating regime had come to end. Did I notice any changes mentally and physically? I’m not sure I did but I would like to know who painted my flat Yellow.