Hirsute Hero or Dangerous Deviant?
Beard wearers: Hirsute Heroes or Dangerous Deviants?
Thursday, Apr 28, 2016 by: Adam Michaels, The Health Deranger

The enormous beard has become something of fashion accessory these days, with Hipsters from Hoxton sporting them alongside a fashion sense that leaves most everyday people wondering what on earth they are thinking.  It used to be the domain of Victorian gentlemen, Lumberjacks and certain devout religious groups, but now that they're becoming more mainstream it's worth noting some rather shocking things about beards.

More bacteria than a bog seat?

Depending on who you believe, beards are either said to harbour more bacteria than a toilet seat, and are thus the most filthy thing imaginable, being literally encrusted with poop particles, but one would imagine this requires a certain very low level of hand sanitation and highly haphazard bunghole cleaning regimen.  Or they are said to be bastions of beneficial bacteria, affording the wearer such benefits as protection from skin cancer, reduced asthma and other allergies, reduced skin infections and a natural moisturising effect.

Attractive?  Maybe in the wrong way!

Some ladies can't get enough a hirsute hero, maybe it's the association with hard working lumberjacks, but other times sporting a bushy beard can cause unwanted attention, such as the time a group of Swedish beard fans were visited by police after being mistaken for ISIS.  This is a confusion that is quite easily made, as can be tested for yourself by trying to work out if a beard belongs to a Hipster or a Terrorist.