Apple or Tasty Burger?
"Meat Reducer" Hates Semi-Vegetarian Lifestyle Every Friday
Saturday, Mar 04, 2017 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

From the ‘Meat-Free Monday’ brigade to the three-day week posing as a vegetarian, invisible meat reducers feel they don’t fit in amongst orthodox vegetarians and omnivores. Even fish-eating vegetarians (pesco) have been known to snub the meat-reducer.
However, for the part-time vegetarian, there are problems associated with the days of the week that must be meat-free, as social situations are an embarrassment, because it’s Friday night and you are going out to eat with friends, and it’s a meat-eating day.

“Every Friday night I go out to enjoy a meal with friends, I have two vegetarians who get excited at their veggie menu, and two fish-eating vegetarians who are okay about passing their menu to a meat eater for one day a week. Then there’s me, on a meat eating day, having to plump for the Rump Steak and lumped with a pack of wild omnivores at the table. I’ve been vegetarian for 3 days this week and no one cares. My friends have no idea that I hover between two worlds without belonging to either, and I never eat fish.” - Anon, Meat Reducer.

With so many dietary styles around in today’s world, a recent class system has popped up within the vegetarian community from the: Quorn-based meat reducer, ‘Meat-Free Monday’, pesco, semi, demi, flexi, ethical, and orthodox with each group scrutinizing all levels of vegetarianism; oh, and at the top of the pile, are the vegans with their own class system, and their own fad-worthy titles.