Pinhole Glasses
Are you Tired Seeing the Bigger Picture - Wear Pinhole Glasses
Tuesday, Aug 04, 2015 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

If you wish to improve your eyesight, give these eyeglasses a go: with its Innovative design, a thick black panel with lots of little holes situated at the front and to the sides for that panoramic pinhole view and comes in a stylish unbreakable Aviator frame. Cool! If you do not mind walking around squinting through a mass of pinholes and having the same vision as a Fly for several hours a day, this visual enhancement is for you.

How do Pinhole Glasses Work?

By exercising the muscles inside the eye, that gradually alters the shape of the lens, giving you great eyesight, eventually. That’s enough of the science part.

As I was slightly curious, I purchased a pair of Pinhole Glasses, to see for myself. I also joined an online Pinhole forum and saw many people talking about a new magazine called ‘Pinhole Monthly’ that covers useful advice about pinhole sight correction that is informative. There is also a great support group for those people having problems viewing broken smaller images at the same time. It is always worth checking out the reviews from other Pinholers.

If you are thinking of going the natural way for sight improvement - Here is a taster from the latest reviews from, Pinhole Monthly:

‘Everything was a fluzzy boob but now, with my finhole gasses I get to see lots of small flussy blobs; on the downside I have noticed I keep feeling dizzy when looking to the left and right whenever I wear the glasses.’ – Michael, FL

‘I won’t say too much, I bought my punhole glasses for myshelf and my hurlfriend. I can see great but my hurlfriend couldn’t see a thing for the first two weeks, our third week in, we noticed an imprudent; our ear sight is great now. I lick my glasses so much, I am typing this review and able to see through my ass. Amazuring!’ – Ken, WA

‘Awesomes $29 and totally worth it, they nearly do work!’ – Pamela, NY

‘The great thing about this product is the special pinhole cleaning gel and it’s free.’ – Gerry, CA

Pinhole sizes come in telescopic, small, medium and bigger than large and is suitable for all ages but please, post your reviews only to Pinhole Monthly. Thank You.