Cartoon Anvil Sticker to be Placed On Gluten-Free Food Packaging
Monday, May 23, 2016 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

Cartoon Anvil stickers are to be placed on all Gluten-free food packaging. The bold, Green cartoon Anvil picture will be the new symbol to represent a product that is free from Gluten. It is hoped the words Gluten-free will be phased out within the next 6 months and replaced with a big cartoon sticker.

Using the new symbol means that foods containing Gluten will be placed alongside regular products that have been packed with lots of Gluten. The move will also reduce the anxiety experienced by many people who have been lost and forgotten inside a Gluten-free corner.

Greg Diamond recently diagnosed Gluten intolerant has been coming to terms with his condition and is coping with the daunting task of finding his way out of an impregnable border at his local supermarket.

‘The invisible barriers erected on the outer corners of the Gluten- Free region has left me trapped for several hours. My cries for help were ignored or unheard. In desperation for my freedom, I began using a Marcel Marceau mime routine to attract the attention of an unsuspecting ‘Outsider’. The mime worked, as I was once lifted out by a kind bystander. Yesterday, I found a small opening and climbed through, leaving my Gluten-Free, Lemon Cupcakes behind.’

Des Munroe, a former captive for 3 hours inside a Gluten-Free corner witnessed, ‘Outside the invisible barrier was a life bustling at a fast pace. People were throwing their heads back with laughter, I also noticed the food aisles was a place where strangers met, had conversations and nodded their heads in agreement with one another; just like a silent movie, but without the words displayed beneath their Faces.’

The introduction of the Cartoon Anvil sticker will help the Gluten intolerant merge back into supermarket society and the redundant Gluten-Free corners will become in-store Bakeries.