Milk Tray Man
Women’s Brains Are Not 'Wired' To Gain Weight - Blame The Milk Tray Man
Wednesday, Feb 10, 2016 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

Women find it harder to lose weight than men because their Brains react differently to the sight of a box of chocolates found within the home. It was also revealed, that the sex difference is a key factor with weight gain. The Milk Tray Man only leaves a box of Chocolates to women, but, not men, according to studies.

However, the study only looked at the consequences being a victim of the Milk Tray Man, who once targeted women between the ages 20 – 26 and the long- term effects of finding and eating the first box of chocolates and never knowing how they came to be in a woman’s possession.

With his rugged looks, a slender physique and dressed in black, the Milk Tray Man went through a whole sequence of daring stunts before entering a victim’s bedroom window, at night, to place a box of Chocolates on the bed of an unsuspecting woman, while she was in the bathroom.

Many women have come forward to tell their stories after they had found their first box of chocolates in their bedrooms:

‘I remember that cold January night, I had just come out of my bathroom, after having a dump, I put on my White flowing gown with a pretty lace trim detail around the neckline. I noticed my bedroom felt cold because my bedroom window was left open, that's when I saw a box of chocolates left on the bed. I didn’t notice the card, it must have been blown away in the freezing wind, so, I just ate all the chocolates. Forty years later, I have gained so much weight and I still wonder how boxes of Chocolates find their way into my home.’ Florrie, - Milk Tray Man Victim.

The Milk Tray Man will soon be delivering Boxes of Chocolates, and once again will be breaking into women’s homes. However, if you have one of the many allergies or food intolerances that exist today, it's wise to place a sad Emoji Sticker on your bedroom window, (Sad Emoji window stickers are available at many Allergy Clinics) to ensure the Milk Tray Man ignores your home.


‘Great news, I will be leaving my bedroom window open all night from now on.’  - Lyndsey

‘I’m getting my nails done today, and I’m opening my bedroom window tonight.’  - Rebecca

‘Thanks for the heads-up with the sad Emoji window stickers, I am so pleased I read this.’  - Susan

There is no proof that it’s harder for women to lose weight than for men, however, anyone who places a box of chocolates in front of a woman, you can guarantee, a Woman’s Brain will be ‘wired’ to eat them.