BOMBSHELL: After starting a covert war with China, America is now at war with the world!
Saturday, Sep 19, 2015 by: Adam Michaels, The Health Deranger

What started off as a seemingly human error caused explosion in Tianjin, is slowly turning out to be the start of World War III, except rather than the usual split between Axis and Alliance forces, this time it's America vs The Rest of The World!

Some people had already been saying that America is at war with China, and that it was top-secret Pentagon "kinetic retaliation" using space based "Rod of God" weapons, after China's devaluation of the Yuan according to paranoid Chinese dissidents.

But we have uncovered here at Natural Newd, startling evidence that America is in fact at war with the entire world and even some States!

Just in August alone we have seen the following strikes occuring:

It's plainly clear that America must want to finally take over the whole planet, at least then it won't need to be at war, but what are the casualties going to be?