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Blog: The Mysterious Shop of Bow Locks & The Holistic Spiritual Guidance Service
Monday, Jul 20, 2015 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

It has been an interesting week for me, for the first time I took it upon myself to visit my local Holistic shop called Bow Locks. A little shop filled to the brim with every coloured rock, pebble, and stone that were displayed inside glass bowls, which sat upon glass shelves in perfect symmetry, designed by someone with a bad case of OCD.

Upon entering the shop, I was greeted by what appeared a cauldron of women who were sitting around gossiping amongst themselves and a few women waiting to be called in to have their chakras re-aligned by the shop’s very own Crystal Therapist. Yes, there is such employment, surprisingly.

I was closely inspecting some of the stones and reading the cards that were placed alongside them with written explanations about every human insecurity and insecurities we should adopt. There is a stone for every human emotional setback.

After some curious stone touching and feeling, my skulking around the shop had paid off and I was duly set upon, for the hard sell:

Crystal Expert: “Do you know how to pick out your crystals?”

Me: “No, I haven’t a clue.”

Crystal Expert: “Hold out both your hands palms facing up and close your Eyes and concentrate”

I did this, my palms were both massaged with her index finger to which she placed a crystal differing in shape and size from the same glass bowl into each hand. My palms were then closed around both crystals.

Crystal Expert: “Keep your Eyes closed and concentrate, your crystal will choose you; I will tell you the signs which crystal has chosen you. Feel and concentrate, one crystal will feel heavier, warmer, OR lighter OR colder or just feel different in your hand."

Me: “Oh yes, I feel heavier, warmer, lighter colder with the crystal in my right hand", amazing how I was open to the power of suggestion, I thought.

So having been a chosen one for one crystal called Citrine (Abundance) for wealth and prosperity. I bought it for 66p.

The same method of being a chosen one for your gem called Cherry Quartz (Anxiety Relief) by which time I was becoming a little anxious in the shop, I thought it would help.

Crystal Expert: “Connect with each stone in each hand, again, one should feel different from the other”

Again, the crystal placed in my right hand had the same feeling I feared another crystal had chosen me. I bought that for £1.80p

I was also asked if I would be interested in some other weird looking gems to help me connect to my higher self. My higher self is happy mingling with my medium and lower selves. Thank you.

I was puzzled there was not a gem available in the shop to stop you from purchasing things, you do not need.

My experience has taught me, you do not need to depart with your hard-earned cash on a stone that brings you wealth, health and emotional healing. It’s up to you.