I did the Coconut Challenge For 7 Days And You Won’t Believe The Shocking Result
Saturday, Dec 19, 2015 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

Having survived a number of years Coconut free and feeling healthy, I was curious as to why this particular seed has seen a resurgence in popularity. With its edible meat and milky liquid inside a thick fibrous husk, the amazing Coconut is said to increase strength and energy while maximising weight loss. As many thoughts tumbled around my head, I also wondered, how we have survived modern life for so long without tasting the contents from a Coconut.

Delicious and nutritious and believed to be a ‘cure all’, for many illnesses. The oil is also used to treat many skin disorders and slows the ageing process. However, I’m just going to drink the juice and eat the meat. I will save the oil for a friend.

I was ready to begin my 7 day venture. After reading the list of things I would need to use, I purchased many tools including a Hammer, Chisel and protective Goggles. I was relieved to know I owned containers with matching lids and a shed.

With everything in place I was ready for the week ahead, a few minor problems were scratching their way to the surface, after reading some reviews from the Coconut Challenge web site. I wondered if I should press ahead with my challenge:

"Quite surprising how anyone would think about trying this stunt."- Tim, who dumped his girlfriend 3 days into her Coconut challenge.

"Oh, I only have 4 lids for 6 containers." - Maria.

"Why are there so many Coconuts in my Shed?’" - Brian.

"I’ve lost my Chisel." - Karen.

Reading the obstacles that others were facing gave me some doubt; I wasn’t going to allow some bad luck to deter me from carrying on with my challenge.

The first morning came and I set about shaving the coconuts for my big Hammer and Chisel moment. Having completed my final checks with lids for containers, I tidied my Shed as it can be a complicated affair setting things up for the long days ahead.

Well... My 7 day coconut challenge was uneventful, I didn’t notice anything different about myself and nothing happened. My Shed was a mess but I did manage to find all lids and placed them onto their rightful containers.

My friend thanked me for the Coconut Oil.