The Moon
1st Full Moon of 2017 Set To Be Extraordinary And You Won't Believe Why!
Sunday, Jan 08, 2017 by: Adam Michaels, The Health Deranger

As we've rung in the New Year for 2017 another celestial event is looming close, and it's the first Full Moon of the year on the 12th of January!  We've become somewhat numb I think about tales of the coming Full Moon being a "Super" Moon, or "Blue" Moon, and this impending full moon is quite remarkable in that it will be the first moon since the dawn of social media which doesn't have some kind of superlative or meaningless adjective attached!  So be sure to not notice anything different about the Moon around the 12th of this month, much like all the so called "Super" Moons that have been and gone in recent years!