Mid-afternoon Slump
10 Ways to Beat the Mid-Afternoon Slump
Monday, Aug 10, 2015 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

Slump, fatigue or lull, whatever you like to call it, you will still feel tired but falling short of inventing a self-slump stick that enables you to prod yourself when you notice the downward dip in concentration at 3pm, there is not much that can be done.

However, here at Natural Newd we have 10 ways to alleviate your misery, combat concentration loss, and keep your energy levels running smoothly. There is no diet gimmick to follow, no taking up extra exercises; our methods are 100% organic and easy to follow:

1. Remove all clocks, phones and watches away from your surroundings; by completing this action you will not see when mid-afternoon is approaching.

2. If you cannot remove yourself from any timepiece, we suggest: between 12 noon and 2pm place a blindfold over your eyes, you will not be tempted to look at the time when you are experiencing a lull; therefore, you cannot call it a mid-afternoon slump. It will just be a slump.

3. Look at the colour Yellow between 2pm and 4pm as this stimulates the Brain and creates energy and will clear your head. Yellow can be found everywhere.

4. Get a difficult to fathom clock. Similarly to #1, if you can't work out what time it is then you'll not know that mid-afternoon is approaching.

​5. If you are in the workplace, have a co-worker clap their hands behind you, this is an invigorating exercise for the ‘clapper’ and ‘clappee’ and injects a little fun into your afternoon lull. Listening to thunderous clapping has health benefits too.

6. If you notice you have succumbed to the post 12 noon dip and you are staring at your eyelids, we suggest you pinch yourself on your forearm (or wherever you find most effective) to check you are not dreaming. Dreaming in a public place is not a good idea.

7. Try combining techniques 5 and 6. Either by pinching yourself whilst your co-worker claps, or try getting creative with it by pinching your co-worker! If you don't wind up in HR then you're most likely dreaming.

8. If you know of anyone with a loud irritating laugh, why not record their laugh and playback the cackling for one-hour when the dreaded time comes. Be sure to use your headphones for this one.

9. Read more tips on avoiding mid-afternoon slumps.

10. Combine techniques 1 to 9, either simultaneously or otherwise.


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