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Sat 29, Jul - Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer
Seated in her sterile kitchen with bowls of fruit carefully placed around the worktops you could not mistake you are with a ‘Clean Eater’. Jan Billery, part of the Billery & Sludge duo known to many as wellness experts and part of the clean eating plan that has been rolling out for several years...
Mon 17, Jul - Adam Michaels, The Health Deranger
Pressure groups Farmers Against Glyphosate (F.A.G.) and Horticulturalists Against Glyphosate Sales (H.A.G.S.) have merged to form Monsanto's worst nightmare:  FAGHAGS.  Both groups were concerned with the use of glyphosate as a herbidcide, stating their number one long held beliefs that glyphosate c...
Sat 8, Jul - Cedric Cedarwood, Environmental Activist
Hypocrites across the globe have been freaking out after the recent approval by the FDA for a so called 'Frankenfish' otherwise known as AquaAdvantage salmon, produced by AquaBounty. "I really don't like the idea of humans mucking about with the DNA of animals.", said the hypocritical owner of this...
Wed 26, Apr - Adam Michaels, The Health Deranger
Cheese dealers
Scientists have recently discovered that certain Class A drugs are as addictive as cheese and that there could be moves made to have particularly potent varieties banned under the 2016 Psychoactive Substances Act.  This is because cheese, like all dairy products, contains casein which acts on the sa...
Sat 22, Apr - Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer
It doesn’t matter what you cook you can always rely on the humble bay leaf to dress up your food to make it appear interesting to any foodie out there. Simply adding a leaf to any meal is said to enhance sauces and dried food, sometimes we can chop the leaf to give it that versatility in most dishes...
Sat 4, Mar - Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer
Apple or Tasty Burger?
From the ‘Meat-Free Monday’ brigade to the three-day week posing as a vegetarian, invisible meat reducers feel they don’t fit in amongst orthodox vegetarians and omnivores. Even fish-eating vegetarians (pesco) have been known to snub the meat-reducer. However, for the part-time vegetarian, there are...
Wed 22, Feb - Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer
Fatigue sets in
‘Fatigue management courses are designed to help the perpetually knackered, before the word fatigue enters their mind.’ - Behavioural Therapists Worldwide, (BTW) According to the ’Fight Fatigue Soon’ action group (known as FFS) recently noticed membership decreasing. Many members have also dropped o...
Sun 8, Jan - Adam Michaels, The Health Deranger
The Moon
As we've rung in the New Year for 2017 another celestial event is looming close, and it's the first Full Moon of the year on the 12th of January!  We've become somewhat numb I think about tales of the coming Full Moon being a "Super" Moon, or "Blue" Moon, and this impending full moon is quite remark...
Thu 5, Jan - Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer
It’s the time of year, once again, and just like last year, the fruit and Veg. a diet that has been banging at the corners of everyone’s mind for the last two days has left many people feeling guilty with their hedonistic Christmas. If you have suffered from the mainstream Brussel sprout diet during...
Mon 28, Nov - Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer
With the flu season, well under way, much of the media is now pushing hard with the Influenza vaccine. However, did you know that during the years 2012 – 2016 vaccines contained dangerous levels of gluten and deadly levels of traces of nuts. The vaccine contained 60,000 more gluten and traces of nut...
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