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By Dolores Quintana
Marina Del Rey is now considered part of District Two in Los Angeles County and now falls under the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly Mitchell. Supervisor Mitchell proposed a recommendation that would update that vision statement in a way that would address issues of the community as it is today. 
The recommendation is called “Aligning Marina del Rey with Los Angeles County Priorities for Equity and Inclusion” that would “instruct the Director of Beaches and Harbors, in collaboration with the Directors of Regional Planning, Public Works and Arts and Culture, the Executive Directors of the Los Angeles County Development Authority, the Poverty Alleviation Initiative and the Antiracism, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, to incorporate the use of an equity lens, framework and tools, in consultation with other relevant County Departments, stakeholders, labor and community members/organizations, to report back to the Board in writing” and giving the body a timeline, 60 and 180 days, to provide the Board with recommendations“for the completion of a comprehensive plan for the best and highest use of real estate and water assets in MdR, in light of the Board’s adopted County Guiding Equity Principles,” which would lead to more inclusive land use in Marina del Rey for all Los Angeles County residents. 
Some of those include, as stated in the recommendation submitted to the Board: 
Increased focus on community-serving amenities and the opportunity to incorporate youth-serving programming, including the Department of Beaches and Harbors’ (DBH) Water Awareness, Training, Education and Recreation Program.
Sustainable and equitable development and business practices, including LEED Gold certification, payment of Prevailing Wage, and compliance with applicable County policies like Local and Targeted Worker Hiring and Labor Peace Policy
A community aquatic center that is open to the public; A community-serving one-stop civic center and plaza, to potentially include new consolidated DBH headquarters, an enhanced library facility and other County resources. 
Increased or enhanced park and open spaces for public enjoyment 
Expansion of public recreation spaces at Mother’s Beach and Burton W. Chace Park 
Activation of a more vibrant waterfront with an array of free and low-cost recreational and community programming accessible to all.
Additionally, the recommendation explicitly called for the following:
Incorporation of public art elements 
New and improved visual identification of Marina del Rey as a destination/ community, including monument, wayfinding, placemaking/ landmark, and informational/interpretive signage, etc.
De-emphasized use of County property for surface parking lots
Enhanced tenant and workforce protections; Increased provision of affordable and “missing middle” housing
Protection and expansion of wildlife habitats, especially marine bird rookeries
Protection and enhancement of strategic scenic resources, especially marina and ocean view corridors
A transparent and community-focused approach to all aspects of any MdR redevelopment
The focus of Mitchell’s recommendation is on equity and inclusion for all Los Angeles County residents but also has provisions for the inclusion of public art, enhance protection for tenants of rental housing and for workers, and environmental protections. 
The recommendation was carried unanimously.
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By Dolores Quintana Marina Del Rey is now considered part of District Two in Los Angeles County and now falls…
By Dolores Quintana Marina Del Rey is now considered part of District Two in Los Angeles County and now falls…
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