Optical Illusion: Can You Spot the Dice With Seven Spots in 13 seconds? – Jagran Josh

Optical Illusion Test: Optical illusions improve our observation skills and eyesight. It enhances our mental ability. It is an excellent form of mental exercise.
In this optical illusion test, we will be looking at an image having many dices. Among these dice is one dice that has seven spots. Can you spot the dice within 13 seconds?
Only 3% of people were able to spot it within this time. Are you one of those people?
This viral optical illusion picture has left netizens awestruck and has everyone scratching their heads.
Are you ready for the challenge?
Then, let’s start.
Take a look at the optical illusion picture below.
In this image, we can see many dice arranged in a random pattern against a lilac background.
We all know a dice has six spots at the maximum but present in this image is one dice that is not following the rule. It has seven spots. Today’s challenge is to find that dice within 13 seconds.
Are you able to spot the dice?
Let us tell you; it is quite a daunting task to find the dice with seven spots.
To help you spot the dice, we will provide you with some hints.
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Hint 1: Look from top to bottom of the image and observe for any variation from the usual. 
Hint 2: It is not present on the right side of the picture.
Now, are you able to spot the dice?
We hope some of you might have spotted it already.
Congratulations to all those who have spotted the dice. You have excellent eyesight and a brilliant mind. You are among the 3% who could do it.
For those who didn’t, there is no need to feel bad. It happens to the best of us.
You can improve your observation skills by practice.
Are you ready to know where the dice is?
Scroll below for the solution
The dice is located at the bottom of the left side of the picture. Look below.
We hope you had a great time attempting this optical illusion picture challenge. For more such fun and exciting optical illusions, stay connected with us.
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