You‘ve got eagle eyes if you can spot the deer hiding out in this field in 20 seconds… – The US Sun

IF you are able to spot the deer that is hiding in this field in under 20 seconds you must have eagle eyes.
The baffling clip shows a wide field with a leafy forest in the background.
But there is a cheeky deer hiding between the trees and the bushes- can you see it?
The tricky video was shared on Tiktok with the caption "can you spot the deer?".
It has left users scratching their heads trying to spot the hidden deer.
While some claim the animal is on the left side others say it's on the right side of the image.
One Tiktoker said: "bottom left-ish".
Another one wrote: "Right side".
A third one said:" right in the middle"
Someone joked: "not unless he moves".
You also have great eyesight if you can spot five animals hiding in nature-so would you be able to survive in the wild?
Content creator Matthew has shared a series of viral optical illusions in a social media video.
He asked viewers if they could spot the animals hidden in the pictures of nature.
And if you can see the two snow leopards hiding in the Himalayan mountains you have the eyes of a hawk.
The mum and her cub are blending almost entirely into the snowy background- but can you see them?
Check out this busy airport and see if you can beat the 76 per cent of people and spot the pilot in less than a minute.
Bingo company, PlayOJO, has put together a hectic airport-themed brain teaser for you to test your eyesight and patience.

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