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Prepare for a month with big highs—and some low lows!
August will surely pack a punch—but will it be like a fire in the heart or a break-up or letdown instead? The cosmic weather promises the best for romance and productivity, so will you balance them both or end up diving into one over the other?
One thing is for certain: August is your last chance to catch your breath, make rapid progress personally or professionally and reach toward your heart’s desires before the second half of the year brings dark cosmic weather. Map out what you wish to tackle now before the thunder and lightning arrive during autumn.
Learn what your astrology has in store for the month to come!
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August starts with a flame in your heart, Aries. The new moon in your passion sector will still be quite active at the onset of the month, encouraging you to make romance, creativity, fun and hobbies a top priority. August is one of the most important months this year for singles to meet someone special or for couples to reignite their sizzle. You’ll also likely be spending a lot of money—or at the very least have a major focus on money—with Mars charging through this sector most of the month. August 11 will bring a joyous full moon in your social arena, promising a fun event and even the chance to reach a heartfelt aspiration. Yet, as the cosmos shift, the end of the month turns your attention away from matters of the heart to grinding at productivity. The new moon on the 27th will likely bring more projects or responsibilities on the job your way or even give you the chance to find a better work-life balance as you juggle a new client or employer.
The month ahead promises the best of both worlds for you, Taurus, personally and professionally.  In fact, this may be your favorite month of 2022. With fiery Mars igniting your zodiac sign until the 20th, you’re in charge and calling the shots. This is a significant period to take action and launch toward any goal you’d like to see happen within the next two years. You’ll also be sexy and magnetic, charismatic and charming throughout the month, too. At the onset of August, a new moon that is turning your focus to home, family or domestic concerns will still be active, encouraging you to make a change or reconnect with your kindred. Mid-month, though, a powerful full moon in your career sector will put your name in lights near August 11. This will likely bring a big shift in your professional world, lifting you higher or causing you to face a major reality check. Promotions, awards or a big new job offer could be on the table. Another major trend begins this month that will last until March 2023—focusing you intensely on your finances and money. You could be spending more, but also making a ton more, too. The end of the month shifts to matters of the heart, though, especially after the new moon on the 27th. This highlights your sector of passion and is the most important period of the year for singles to find a romance or for couples to reignite their flame.
For over a month, you’ve been busy behind-the-scenes making plans and strategizing your personal and professional conquests, Gemini. This trend will continue for most of this month, so use this time wisely. The onset of August will also turn your attention to how you’re communicating with the world. This could see you working on a big writing, speaking or marketing endeavor. Other Geminis will be enjoying travel, instead. Mid-month could bring even more momentum, especially near the full moon of August 11. This highlights your wisdom and expansion zone and could affect you in a few different ways. Travel, especially long-distance, could be highlighted again. Other Geminis will be focusing on an academic, media or spiritual endeavor. Still others could be tying up some legalities. Luckily, come August 20, mighty Mars will ignite your zodiac sign for the first time in two years. This will make you large and in charge and infuse you with the power to command your destiny—a trend that continues until March 2023. To end the month, your focus will be on your family, home and domestic life, encouraging you to make a change after August 27.
A fun month lies ahead, Cancer, a holdover from the excitement that began in July. This is because your social life is screaming with fun, games and euphoria—a trend that continues until August 20. This is an excellent time to network, try your hand at online dating or even just hang with your crew. The new moon’s energy echoes at the beginning of August, bringing more income and prosperity your way. This could be a raise, new client or even job offer. Mid-month, assets, investments and big money matters may instead be on your mind near the 11th. If awaiting a settlement or bonus, now it could arrive. If you’ve been in the midst of a divorce or negotiation, news should appear within days of this lunation. Yet, beginning the 20th, you’ll start to feel that in the next several months, you need to lie low, vision board your life and decide what matters most to you. Some Cancers may begin working on an important project behind-the-scenes—perhaps even one that received funding this month. To end August, a new moon arrives on the 27th, pushing you to open up your mind. Some Cancers will sign contracts or begin working on a milestone writing, speaking or communications-related project, while others will say no to work and instead decide to travel.
One of the most important months of the year has arrived like a large gift with a bow and your name on it, Leo. This is because the sun—and Venus—will spend most of the month in your zodiac sign. This ensures that you can charm the world even more than ever before and pull the strings to manifest the life of your dreams. Your professional life is also heating up even more with mighty Mars bringing you ambition and gusto until the 20th. Big projects or activity could be happening until then. Starting the 20th, though, you’ll have many months dedicated to fun, friends and festivities. A full moon in your partnership sector arrives on the 11th, which will bring a turning point in a significant relationship. If you’re in alignment, you could commit, move in or even become engaged or wed. If not aligned, you’ll surely break up near then. Singles can use this lunation to search for someone with long-term relationship potential. The month ends on a different note, one focused on prosperity. As the new moon in your financial sector arrives on the 27th, you may soon see a raise, lucrative client or new job offer.
A milestone month is here for you, Virgo, but it may start off a little bit slowly. This will be due to the new moon in your sector of privacy and rest that is quite active at the onset of August. However, some Virgos could be busy in a few specific ways: around media or academic projects, long-distance travel or immigration or even pursuing a spiritual retreat. Mid-month, the energy shifts to the fast lane with a full moon in your sector of productivity arriving on August 11. This could see you tying up loose ends on a big project for work or else just taking on more responsibility. If looking for a new or different job, be sure to apply near this time. Another way this could affect you, though, is that your attention is centered on a health-related, diet or fitness matter. Exciting news arrives after the 20th, though, when mighty Mars fires up your professional sphere—a trend that will last until March 2023. This ensures plenty of power, glory and triumph could finally be here to revel in! The sun ignites your zodiac sign starting on the 22nd, trumpeting the news that birthday season is here! The most important new moon of the year arrives on the 27th, which will sing your name from the heavens. This will open a door to a dearly personal heartfelt goal or dream. Seize the time after that to show the universe what you desire.
An exhilarating month awaits you, Libra. With the sun and Venus jazzing it up in your social sector most of the month, you’ll be on everyone’s VIP list. This is an excellent time to have a blast with your crew, network with powerful players in your industry or even connect with potential matches via online dating. Mars will sizzle in your intimacy and sex zone most of the month, too, ensuring that you’re thirsty and horny to get up close and personal! A full moon in your passion sector sings like a fleet of angels near August 11, which will enflame your heart. This is one of the best periods for singles to get out there and meet a soulmate or if casually dating, you may realize you’ve fallen in love. Couples can share in this glow by reigniting their spark—and getting especially frisky! If you’re a creative, you could feel a surge of artistic spice. Yet, as the month months forward, you may be starting to feel a bit tired and burnt out, eager for some TLC and a mini-staycation! The new moon on the 27th will encourage you to recharge your batteries or even put you in touch with specialists or a therapist to help you release physical or emotional baggage.
Prepare to see your name in lights, Scorpio. So much planetary energy this month is calling you what you are: a rock star! The new moon from the end of July will still be quite active at the onset of August, which had fired up your career. This will be a milestone month to push toward your ambitions and may even bring a promotion, new job offer or favorable press. Another consistent theme that’s a holdover from last month is the focus on partnerships and intimacy—encouraging you to work as a team or find someone who completes you. If embroiled in any battles with competitors or exes, though, this month could be especially tough. Next, a full moon in your home, family and domestic sphere arrives on August 11, which could bring a shift around one of these matters. Yet, the final third of the month could be your most favorite, as your social sector will receive a major jolt of firepower. The new moon on the 27th will likely put you in touch with many friends in the weeks ahead, as well as give you the chance to pursue a heartfelt aspiration.
A significant month for your professional life has arrived, Sagittarius, thrusting you into new territory. As a holdover from last month, fiery Mars will be plowing hard and fast through your productivity zone, which will see you smashing goals and juggling many tasks. If out of work or looking for a better job, use the energy up until August 20. On a different note, the onset of the month will highlight your desire to soar in new directions, whether that’s through academics, long-distance travel, spirituality or even milestone media endeavors. Seize the sails of your boat and soar toward the horizon. The full moon on August 11 could also bring a fast-paced vibe, as it will likely push you to travel yet again—but this time closer to home. This would surely bring a surge of fun and adrenaline to your plans. Other Sagittarians, though, will be focused on polishing off and debuting a major writing, speaking or communications-related project. The next big thing to note will be how the planets are turning into your career zone, especially after the 27th. This could see you soaring toward your next great ambitions, especially through a promotion or new job offer.
Open up your heart to love, passion and intimacy, Capricorn. In fact, this month could bring you the opportunity to truly do so more deeply than ever before. Mighty Mars continues to bring his firepower to your heart, likely helping singles to date or spice up their sex life. Couples can use this to reignite their spark or even have more activity with children if they are parents. The onset of August will also highlight vulnerability and intimacy, giving you a chance to merge up-close-and-personal. Another way this could affect you is instead turn your attention to business matters, especially around assets or investments. Mid-month near the full moon of August 11, you’ll surely see money-matters take your attention. A raise, new client, new job offer—or a hefty expense—could all be here to face. Focus on how you can manifest further abundance. The cosmos shift in the final third of the month, pushing you to step out of your comfort zone. Some Capricorns could decide to travel or pursue a newfound academics, media or spiritual concern. This will become even more important after the new moon on August 27.
Lots of big shifts await you in August, Aquarius. First and foremost, mighty Mars is firing you up to make big changes around home, family or domestic situations. This could be in regards to moving or renovating or even stepping in to help one of your kindred or parents. The next big theme, still potent at the onset of August is around important partnerships. This period could help you to make promises or move in, get engaged or even be wed. If single, use this month to set up dates with people who seem to possess long-term potential. The most important moment of the year will take place near August 11, though, as the full moon comes like a spotlight with your name on it. This will bring you center-stage and demand that you make an important decision about a dearly beloved hope, goal or dream. An ending or revelation may manifest. Last, as the stars dip into your intimacy, assets and investments sector at the end of the month, you’ll see this become your focus—especially after thee new moon of August 27.
August could be encouraging you to soar off to nearby destinations and locales, Pisces. However, this could instead have you very focused on a milestone writing, speaking or communications-related endeavor. This may even be related to work, as a huge theme for you all month will be productivity and either taking on more responsibility or projects—or shifting your day job altogether. Finding the right work-life balance, especially to maintain and improve your health, will be paramount. Mid-month, a full moon near August 11 will make you feel quite worn out and require you to either visit the doctor or instead lie low, rest and recharge. Listen to what your heart, body and spirit are telling you. The end of the month shifts your perspective to partnership matters, though, especially after the new moon on August 27. This could see you making a commitment, moving in or getting engaged. Either way, teamwork is a prime interest. If single, use the coming weeks to find someone with long-term potential.
This is it. If you’ve been looking for the love of your life, that dream job or ideal place to live, you’re likely to find it now.  You spent the previous months becoming clear on your goals, and stripping away elements of your life which no longer serve you.  The universe has been hearing your prayers and now will start to deliver.  Signs may be small at first but keep an eye out for them. When something is meant for you – it will find you at any cost.
When it comes to love and romance, the Animal Spirit deck brings on the presence of the majestic Peacock. As the epitome of beauty itself, the Peacock’s gorgeous plumage is an extension of its inner beauty. And as we embody this rare animal’s influence, we will not allow physical looks to outshine personal depth. We want attractiveness, but we also desire deep emotional connection. The Peacock helps us realize that real beauty comes from within. When facing relationship challenges in the month ahead, the Peacock’s kindness and compassion help us integrate it all. With its big-picture approach, the Peacock’s advanced level of acceptance helps us rise above conflict, resentment, and even pain. Allow for this gorgeous creature to color your life as you get deeper into your summer!
Reflection and courage. When it come to relationships, it is best to know ourselves truly and deeply before bonding with another. Consider taking a pause in your love routines to do some exploring into your emotional self. This process can lead to greater awareness and clarity of who you are and what you will bring to your future (or current) relationship. When it comes to love, it may be time to take the focus off of who and what you want. It’s time to discover who you are today when the wounds of yesterday are no longer driving the love train of your life.  Are you ready to do the work and take the risk to let your true self shine through? It’s time to find your inner strength, communicate clearly and take action on your hearts desires without wavering.  Iolite Sunstone is a great crystal for courage, whole-heartedness and compassion. It expands our mind and intuition beyond our preconceived limitations so we can see and experience of life more clearly. Third eye, Throat and Heart Chakra.
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