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Friday Jul 29, 2022

A study done by researchers at the University College London (UCL) might have discovered ways to improve eyesight naturally.
The study that was published in The Journal of Gerontology shows that looking at a deep red light for three minutes every day for two weeks can help regain better eyesight.
“As you age, your visual system declines significantly,” Glen Jeffery of the UCL College of Ophthalmology said.

He explained that with an ageing population, the issue was significant.

Around the age of 40, mitochondria, which are the powerhouse of the cell begin winding down. The retina in the eyes contains a high density of mitochondria.
This is why the eyes weaken faster than other organs. Sensitivity declines and the colour vision is affected. 
According to Jeffery, “mitochondria absorb some light wavelengths better than others”.
“To try to reverse this decline, we sought to restart the retina’s ageing cells with short bursts of longwave light,” Jeffery said.
The study recruited 24 participants divided equally into men and women ranging from age 28 – 72. Subjects were asked to look in deep red light for three minutes daily. They were allowed to close their eyes as well.
While the light did not impact or show improvement for subjects below the age of 40, those over that age showed significant betterment, especially in the case of colour detection.
Jeffery said that the study proved that it was possible to “recharge” the declined energy system in the retina cells.
“It’s like re-charging a battery,” he remarked.
The study was quite small but it gives researchers significant insight into cost-effective ways to improve eyesight.


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